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About Us

Presbyterian Care Tasmania is an accredited provider of aged and supported accommodation services. A Public Benevolent Institution (not-for-profit) operated by an independent Board of Directors as a Ministry of the Presbyterian Church of Tasmania, we operate:

  • Residential aged care facilities at Hobart, Legana and Norwood
  • Home care programmes (north & south)
  • Day respite centres (Hobart & Legana)
  • A 34 unit retirement village, co-located with the Norwood facility

Our nurses and carers are skilled, not just in clinical care, but provide our valued clients with a quality living environment. We are highly regarded for our strengths in advancing dementia and palliative care practices, and adopting some of the latest aged care technology to make life easier and more enjoyable .

We offer a comprehensive range of social and interactive programs designed to assist our clients to maintain their independence and lifestyle in their own home or in ours.