About Us

Presbyterian Care Tasmania is a Tasmanian owned and Christian not-for-profit organisation committed to building stronger communities through our mission to ‘provide supportive services, care and Christian kindness for the Tasmanian community and individuals in need’.

We believe that God intended all people to experience abundant lives surrounded by individuals who genuinely and persistently love and care for them. We believe that God wants everyone to have access to the support, kindness and encouragement they need to face the many challenges of life.

Too many Tasmanians are confronted daily by issues that prevent them and their families from living full and productive lives. Compared to the rest of Australia, Tasmanians experience the highest levels of welfare dependency, the highest proportion of people living alone, the highest levels of comparative disadvantage and the second highest number of adults reporting serious mental health issues.

Tasmanians deserve a chance for a better life. We aim to assist vulnerable Tasmanians to participate in community, live independently and achieve a sense of dignity through the wise and strategic use of our resources and ongoing collaboration with like-minded organisations and churches. We are committed to doing so by supporting initiatives that address unmet need, working collectively to achieve genuine and lasting outcomes for the people they serve.

Presbyterian Care Tasmania acknowledges the overwhelming nature of the task to address the complex, often generational, challenges faced by many Tasmanians and their families – but together we can make a difference!

“Launceston Christian School’s partnership with Presbyterian Care Tasmania enables us to provide support for the most vulnerable, in need and at risk in our school community and makes a real difference by allowing us to have a dedicated team working to support the wellbeing of our school.”

Benjamin Lundie

Student Wellbeing Social Worker

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