Ageing and Carer Support

Our Goal: To extend community engagement and reduce isolation for senior Tasmanians.

Areas for Priority Focus:

Chaplaincy and pastoral care support

Progressively establishing a network of Chaplains and other qualified workers to provide visitation services to nursing homes, hospitals and those in the community who are most vulnerable and isolated.

Community Arts and Dementia activities

In conjunction with community-based organisations and local government, facilitate activities that give the socially isolated and disadvantaged or for those in the community who are suffering cognitive decline or dementia, opportunities for expression through participation in public art.

Older persons dietary support & awareness

Facilitate programs in the community that focus on dietary and nutritional information and supports for older persons including purchasing of food, cooking demonstrations and lessons and social ‘lunch time chat and chew’ clubs.

Isolated home visiting and pastoral care support program

Establish a support program by providing Chaplains and qualified workers with transport and resources to undertake home visits to rural disadvantaged citizens including providing immediate home necessities and support with referral services and information enabling access to community and health services.

Presbyterian Care Tasmania - A Mercy Ministry of the Presbyterian Church of Tasmania