Funding Priorities

We are excited to partner with organisations throughout Tasmania to help us achieve our vision of Building Stronger Communities. If you’re contacting us regarding funding for a project, please have a read through the following information to find out more about how we select projects for funding support.

Selected projects and activities will need to demonstrate:

  • they are readily achievable in the timeframe 2018-2020;
  • meet the goals established for the key program areas for priority focus;
  • clear articulation of the fit with the Mission of Presbyterian Care Tasmania
  • afford opportunity for joint branding/identification of Presbyterian Care Tasmania as funding provider;
  • a series of measurable outcomes and outputs focused on the wellbeing of disadvantaged individuals.

Presbyterian Care Tasmania will work with applicants to develop projects which show vision and an innovative approach to solving problems, which have an emphasis on research or shared knowledge, and which have potential for further development and long-term sustainable outcomes.

All programs will need to demonstrate a commitment to measurement and evaluation. Grantees are required to demonstrate a willingness at agreed milestones or at the end of the program, to report outcomes and outputs as measured against the project’s original approved objectives.

Key Program Objectives

  1. Benefit for the disadvantaged

To reduce disadvantage, protect basic rights and extend opportunities for those who may be disadvantaged for whatever reason

  1. Social and Mission outcomes

Detailed narrative of proposal being consistent with and achieving the stated Presbyterian Care Tasmania mission being to:

  • Enable individuals experiencing necessitous circumstances to access resources and supports to have control over their lives and live independently with dignity.
  • Build stronger communities.
  • To provide high quality and distinctively Christian care too all those in the community who are most vulnerable and who would otherwise be isolated from support.
  1. Capacity Building

Projects that can demonstrate a continuing impact well beyond the period of the grant. The long-term sustainability of the project is an important consideration as is the capacity for individual participants to live with dignity and as independently as possible.

  1. Evidence of need or gaps in community supports

Demonstrated need supported by evidence, expected utilisation and case studies of gaps or absence of supports

  1. Value for money and viability (including organisational capacity)

In addition to reviewing the project budget, consider the organisation’s financial position and capacity to deliver the proposed project.

  1. Collaboration and Community support

To maximise the impact of the social investment by Presbyterian care Tasmania through collaboration and partnerships across community sectors. Partnerships include other service providers and/or other funders, volunteers and government.

  1. Innovation

Projects should demonstrate new paradigms and embrace technology to enhance communications, innovative methods of delivery or cost effectiveness or other unique features will be highly regarded.

Projects must substantially address the requirements of objectives 1, 2 & 3 as well as demonstrating alignment with other Key Program Areas, Goals and Areas for Priority Focus.

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